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Sunday    12pm-9pm
Monday       CLOSED
Tue-Thur  12pm-9pm
Fri - Sat  12pm-10pm

Famous ice cream shops - Sprinkles Ice Cream in Elkins Park with 32 ice cream flavors

Ice Cream in Elkins Park


Our Story...
We purchased Sprinkles from Joe and Carin Hampton in October 2014.
We are the third owners of this sweet little ice cream shoppe.

We bought Sprinkles with the intention of keeping it a traditional neighborhood Mom & Pop ice cream shoppe and hoping that it would continue to be a safe, happy, comfortable, friendly place for family and friends to gather. A place where you may come in as strangers but leave as friends.

This is our neighborhood and we are thrilled to be a part of this community.

Bob works full time as a registered architect in center city. He is my voice of reason, he is the analytics expert and I could not run this shoppe without him (totally serious!).

Maddie is our youngest daughter. She worked for Joe for about a year and a half before we even entertained the idea of buying Sprinkles. She is a hard working conscientious employee!
She is also so kind and so compassionate and she is a complete joy to spend time with!

Alli is our older daughter. She is bubbly and responsible. When she is home she “wants to be on the schedule a lot!” but in reality she is too “busy” to work. She is ambitious and creative and we love her company when she is home.

Lanie. Hmmm…well, Lanie has her own story – so many people contribute to Lanie’s story. You guys, let me just say, I did not want a dog! And by that I mean, I DID NOT WANT A DOG!! But wow. Thankfully we got a dog:)
Lanie came to us so good natured, so loving, and so friendly. She is now a registered therapy dog. She frequents Elkins Park and Springfield libraries as well as several local retirement / assisted living centers. She enjoys hanging out with us at Sprinkles. In the summer you might find her laying in the sunshine on the patio. And, she loves all of the attention she gets from our customers!

I did not always “dream of” owning an ice cream Shoppe.
I do however dream of being a part of some greater good.
I believe that love wins and that kindness absolutely does matter.

We are a cash only, pet friendly establishment where all are welcome! Come eat with us.